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The platform

OASI represents a small scale replica of the Open Source stack used in CSI-Piemonte to offer entrprise level services to public administration.

From a technological point of view OASI is a compromise between products installed in CSI's server farm and the effort to propose free of charge initial solution, leaving to the user the oppotunity to choose commercial support with minimal migration costs.

This approach applies starting from the operating system, where CentOS represents the equivalent of the environment used in CSI (RedHat), to the middleware components like MySQL or JBoss offered in OASI in their community version.

For all the present and future components, where possible, the philosophy will be to give the choice between investing “time/human resources” to save money or investing money to save “time/human resources”.

OASI is, at the moment, a middleware stack that enable high aviability services on a minimal hardware configuration (two x86 servers) through a sophysticated cluster implementation both ad system and application level.

In future, vertical application will be added to OASI as CSI will consolidate open source experience on specific business needs.

The effort is to offer an integrated stack with HA using different open source products automating installation and configuration process.

The aim is to provide service developers a way to concentrate on their business activity and not in complex infrastructure building.


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